Wednesday, April 20, 2005


so, i've been pushing this notion of creation
alot for awhile. trying to figure out what it
is that makes it happen. i've been on this kick
of 'holding space' maintaining intention. it
hasn't necessarily produced the kinds of results
i was anticipating, but 'holding space' and
'maintaining intention' are super powers that
operate in dimensions tangential to the reality
we're accustomed too.

i wrote the dvd magazine idea down again for the
wiki - . i've been going over
alot of these ideas for over 2 years now. the
flavor changes slightly, and there are new things
specific to this chapter in india, but one aspect
is disturbingly familiar. its this sensation of
having a bunch of things that i'd like to see people
doing, but my first inclination isn't to do them

ie. i've been holding space for the creation of video
for 2 years now, but this video editing class im
taking now is my first minimal excersize in actually
producing video.

several of the things i'd like to see happen
the online video chat interviews, the global blogger
contact game, ... there's no reason i can't do these
things myself, and at some level i sense that the only
way im going to play a role in this movement, is if i
get personally involved.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


the idea is that a new breed of RSS aggregators would emerge around domain-specific application areas. I can imagine these aggregators running on servers and in rich clients. With the advent of clients like Macromedia Central, and in the future, .NET client applications, I think it will become more common for client applications to aggregate data across disparate feeds in the network. For example, one might create a "Classifieds Viewer" that subscribed to and aggregated multiple distributed RSS-Data enabled classifieds feeds into a single view. In such an example, RSS-Data could be added to that provided additional structured data, such as price, quantity, geography, payment details, and other things relevant to a product.

Jeremy Allaire

Sunday, April 17, 2005


apparently there's a meditation center pretty close to mumbai.

the video hotel

im starting to look for a larger space here in mumbai.
specificially in the region between bandra and anderi
which seems to be where most of the filmmakers live.
the closer to bandra the more they're 'making it'.

maybe i run the risk of being a one trick pony, but
im happy to know any tricks at all :)

assuming this comes together, it will be community media
space #3 for me. when i explain this to people here they ask me
what came out of the other two spaces. I happy to point to
lafco as a way cool production
/ post house made up of characters from those two spaces.

the excersize for me now is to reflect on those experiences
see what worked and what didn't and plan how this year will
go down.

in the past couple of years i've left the space extremely
unstructured. the first year leaving it almost completely
open as an 'anarchic collective' . the second year i
excersized more control holding 'work space intention' and
asking people to leave when i didn't feel they were inline
with the media / tech office space i was trying to manifest.
about half way thru the year it became clear that i'd pruned
the community down to the root, and if i didn't back off,
i'd preside over a year of emptiness which i considered
considerably worse than the chaotic life force i invited in
to fill that void.

but this is something new.
everything is about a factor of 4 cheaper.
which means there are elements im willing to introduce into
the system which i couldn't before. like a program coordinator.
but program coordination requires a program which necessitates
that i get clear on what i want. which is the most difficult
questions to answer that i grapple with.

fortunately, one sign im on the right path, is the question
gets fun again. i notice sometimes i travel down some mental
direction that seems right at some intellectual level, and
there's something in my spirit which loses interest. and i
wrestle alittle bit with whether im being lazy.

maybe i am, but sometimes, i hit on things right, and now im
excited about the prospects of puting together a program for
the space. its a framework to give life to some of the projects
ive been wanting to persue.

this stream of conciousness continues on my wiki

Saturday, April 16, 2005


experpted from a mail to Soumyadeep ...

so thats it man
its that sensation of jiving
of riding the same wave
screaming and high fiving the whole way

i've noticed that on the wave
there's alot of tolerance for diversity
and superficial concepts of cool, get
lost quickly, people on the wave become
family - and there's alot of tolerance
in the family for the nerdy.

but its a funny thing
cause its a big ocean
and there's alot of people sitting on boards
and it takes awhile to know, who's standing

i often dont know myself
but there are things that im learning
like patience and waiting

its a big thing
spending money with awareness
there are enough cool people with reasonable
amounts of cash that are frustrated at having
to play regular games where they're getting
played like all the other people and don't get
much dividend for knowing the geek industry or
being able to see whats real.

i think our tribe gaining control of our capital
and learning how to use it effectively is going
to play a huge role in the revolution. when we
can reliably do just a point or two better than
wells fargo we will have a limitless
supply of $ to apply to whatever change we want
to make. we simply have to know that what ever
change we're making is sustainable. but man, we
got all the tools, so we should be able to figure
this out.

or at least approach the problem

architecting the revolution is alittle too big
to be tractable. its a swell, you can feel it,
from a long way off you can see it, but you can't
exactly ride it.

but still, if you know its there
you can paddle to it, cause most of the people
you meet there - saw the same thing - and came
on faith as well.

and there are aspects to it
like we know we have to learn how to deal with money
its stupid that we put all our money in banks where
they send it away to buy bombs or government debt or
a variety of other projects we would find morally
reprehensible and fiscally non-sensical if we had
any real awareness of what the $ are actually doing.

we also know that we need to take control of the
media we're consuming. we have the means of production
and consumption now, we simply have to open our eyes
to what really needs communicating , and we need to
get that flow going. this is the mechanism by which
'we' become self aware.

taking responsibility for our own education is
another fundamental aspect of regaining control
of our future. we can look at what is necessary
for interacting in the world and we can produce
'open course ware' to make this transmission easy.
its done with media and tech and it uses media
and tech to propogate itself.

we know we need to communicate
to eat, to shit, to breathe, to sleep
to make love,
to party

and again
its not charity
there's a million businesses that need to get
set up, distance learning, wireless internet,
real estate investment trusts,

Friday, April 15, 2005

my first vlog

should be coming up any minute now

my first movie

courtesy of the inthernet archive and

open course ware

open course ware project at MIT

I would really like to back the open course ware initiative. I can imagine a whole industry springing up around open course ware - essentially providing tutoring around open courses as a BPO style service - Teaching Assistants would use all the conferencing materials available to them to interact with the students. ie. IM , Skype, video conferencing. They would answer questions, follow up on assignments, review homework. The next step is creating open course ware competence certifications.

I'd like to build a large part of this institute ontop of this concept. Alot of video production work can be done producing video and other types of open courseware materials.

Basically, its the opensource model applied to learning. Provide the source material for free, make money off the service.

Potentially, we can use this as a guide for alot of open source development. Going thru the course work for different vertical industries, we can pull out what the core business logic components are and build xml taxonomies code to represent and modify them.

open source

video online updates

participatory culture Announcing a new platform for internet television and video. Anyone can broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost, using BitTorrent technology.

rohit a new friend of mine here in mumbai, wrote a piece about video on the net.

google upload video program

Open Media Network

prodigemcommercial bittorrent video distribution company

blogtorrent simple interface for adding torrents to a site

brightcove end to end online video company just got funding

paidcontent online content mag


Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I just set up a wiki for the new media institute idea.

India New Media Institute

Its interesting for me the different processes the blog and wiki are designed for.

Blogger being (at least for me) something of a stream of conciousness. Where ideas come and make something of a showing but slowly make their way down to the bottom of the page to make room for new insights, eventually dropping off altogether.

Wiki is something of a birthing. all the intention behind is to foster the development of the India New Media Nomadic Permaculture Institute of Yoga in the hinterlands somewhere between Mumbai & Pune for the 2006 - 2007 academic year. Im sure there will be many other ideas that form during the next year. But im happy to introduce an idea that will have its own flow. I may even set up a blog for it.

manifest destiny

New Media Institute

Containers, Pallet Racks

nomadic structures

alternative engergy
solar cells


wireless networking

video production

audio production

summer founder program


web design

composting toilet


fall 2006

between mumbai & pune

Thursday, April 07, 2005

container structures

The Nomadic Museum -
wow this is cool

Habitainer -

i like the picture - tho i think pallet rack provide a better solution to the problem

my pallet rack loft spaces in la and burningman