Monday, March 07, 2005


the collaba market internet cafe rocks !
its 12:30am and im still here and its like
50 cents an hour.

ive been here long enough to start to know
some of the kids hustling here. is interesting
getting to talk with them alittle bit.

last time i was in delhi i was blown away
by the intelligence of the street kids.
less than 8 year old kids standing toe to
toe with grown americans bartering hard in

i came away from that thinking that at age 10
these kids are incredibly well developed but
because of descrimination, racism, and other
educational skills like reading and writing -
there is almost a complete lack of opprotunity
to break out.

language really is humanizing.
there's something deep about listening to
someone tell you about their life and how
they're struggling to pull in a dollar a

its different than the un statistics that
tell you half the worlds population makes
less than $2 / day.

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