Monday, April 30, 2007

Pallet Rack University on the Open Architecture Network

I just posted the very beginnings of a plan to set up an IT Institute and Software Park on some land in Pune using Pallet Racks. High Density Urban Structures with Pallet Racks

Thursday, April 26, 2007

We've started making some videos on the internet video scene and posting them on

I've been spending more time on twitter lately.
It may be that because expectations are so low there
is less of a mental hurdle surrounding what it takes
to post.

I wonder if lifecasting - is twitter
for videobloggers.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beginning 3D model of LA structure

I've been wanting to make 3D models since building the pallet rack structures in LA. Now in India its finally starting to happen. This is a very rough first model - took us alittle over an hour to make of what we built in the Brewery artist lofts in downtown Los Angeles.

I read on the Architecture for Humantiy website about a contest they may do later this year for alternative structure for hutments (aka. slums / shanti towns). I would like to model some ideas for this using pallet racks.

Monday, April 02, 2007

skill camp

Im a bit high on the level of enthusiasm and participation I saw at BarCamp Bangalore this weekend.

Skill Camp -
I would like to create a camp structure for helping the community develop a video courseware curriculum.

this would be organized on a wiki where we basically ask for people
to do sessions based on teaching some particular task in programming
or computing. We would set up cameras in the room and screencasting
software on the demo computers such that we record every aspect of
the tutorials and the follow on questions. All video would be freely available
on the web via creative commons liscenses, and interested people (possibly
sponsored) could help edit the raw footage into watchable short segments.

to create freely available training videos helping people learn current skills
initially in the IT industry.

1. talk to the relevant communities - barcamp pune, knowledge foundation, ...
2. set up a wiki with initial structure
3. find a suitable venue
4. look for sponsors - it companies, training institutes
5. line up speakers & sessions
6. logistics: lunch, tea, snacks ...

anything else ?