Monday, April 02, 2007

skill camp

Im a bit high on the level of enthusiasm and participation I saw at BarCamp Bangalore this weekend.

Skill Camp -
I would like to create a camp structure for helping the community develop a video courseware curriculum.

this would be organized on a wiki where we basically ask for people
to do sessions based on teaching some particular task in programming
or computing. We would set up cameras in the room and screencasting
software on the demo computers such that we record every aspect of
the tutorials and the follow on questions. All video would be freely available
on the web via creative commons liscenses, and interested people (possibly
sponsored) could help edit the raw footage into watchable short segments.

to create freely available training videos helping people learn current skills
initially in the IT industry.

1. talk to the relevant communities - barcamp pune, knowledge foundation, ...
2. set up a wiki with initial structure
3. find a suitable venue
4. look for sponsors - it companies, training institutes
5. line up speakers & sessions
6. logistics: lunch, tea, snacks ...

anything else ?

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