Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bachelor Moment


Jay Dedman said...

this is like a quintessential videoblog post. simple, true, and to the point.

i also really like the idea of eating a salad that way. makes much more sense. Not sure if Ryanne will be into though.

tpraja said...
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planetcesar said...


wow, great to hear and see yu, i have now reached kansas, so key west to kansas on the walk so far

so cool to think it all began with yur back pack in the keys,

my site is up now and rockin and rollin

my more daily blogs are on the icon where i am in the green hat on that page

photos on the flickr site hyperlinked from the onme with me on bottom of page of me walking thru illinois

working now on a book and documentary on frankies pizza

do zap me yur direct e-mail to

if yu can

love ya man, let me keep reading yur blog and see what yur up to

love the bachelor salad bit

miss ya my brotha

worldwalker, still walkin

ps. in miami now w/family and girlfriend

will be in italy (rome) 23 to 29, then madrid 30 to 3rd

lets catch up

i can also be reached at 305-382-2425

so much to tell ya, still slowly workin on lafco/incubator book believe it or not

oh hey, my appalachian trail book is now on amazon!