Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Digital Bridge Camp

Since Sunday I've been here in Devlali - close to Nasik - at the Digital Bridge Camp. The purpose of the camp has been to connect people working in non-profits with technology which can make their jobs easier.

During my two sessions so far I walked people thru using and setting up a wiki on and creating a blog on

Right now Noel Hidalgo is demonstrating a number of tech tools and resources non-profits can take advantage of including
- the different kits Tactical Tech offers nonprofits
- NTen has webinars for showing people how to migrate to Linux or, GIS or using Google Adwords.
- dotorganize study on technology available for social change organizations.
- personal democracy formum also provides research reports on technology in politics.
- directory and strategy resources for uses of mobile technolgoy in activism.
- website for helping subtitle videos
- internet archive

After tea we're going to introduce googlegroups, civicspace, mailman and a variety of other mailing list software and free content management solutions

Yesterday, Sapna Shahani who worked at the Berkeley Community Media Center before moving back to India talked about her plans to set up a community media center in Mumbai.

Prof. Nagarjuna also gave a talk on the SELF Platform which he's been developing at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. He also introduced Wikipedia and gave an impassioned speech on wiki culture or the culture of openness.

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Ian Howard said...

Hi Freeman, interesting posts -- Laura was talking recently about instructional design and we are working on some stuff that might fit into this particular thread. I am now starting to think about spending some time in India next year, after I finish this damn MBA -- would love to meet up with you all then.