Monday, July 21, 2008

Ladok - Delhi - Varanasi - Update

Tomorrow we're starting a trek. Its the Maka valley trek or something like that, and we'll be walking 6 or 7 hours a day for 6 days.

Today we hiked around Leh. Walked up to some old monestaries over looking the city, and ate momo's. I feel alittle silly that I haven't spent more time in the mountains in the 3+ years I've been in India.

Bummed that my camera has this proprietary nokia connector instead of std usb.

Proto was good. Before I left Varanasi I got business cards made and put a simple static site up ( It was a good exercise too in getting precise with my description of who I intend to work with and what I do.

Before proto we hung out at the Yoga Mandir in Varanasi (Asi Ghat) for almost a week.
I highly recommend that place if anyone is trying to figure out where to stay over there. The river is flooded so the main walk along the ghats is a no go.

Open Hand cafe is a nice little wifi hot spot in Asi, makes me think I could live there for awhile.

I sent in an email application for the August 10 Vipasana, but haven't heard back.
So its probably a no go. Right now Looks like I'll probably chill in Pune for the first 10 days of August and then go home (usa) for a month.

Bought tickets to Gearing up for a fall launch of upstart(.in)

Just saw that YCombinator is listing ideas they'd like to see. Maybe I'll do that too.

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