Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jaaga Media Center

We've received a small grant to set up a media & education center at Jaaga. Check out the description of the media center below and let us know your thoughts in the comments. We're looking for people who can help us develop and implement this vision. Let us know if thats you !! email:

The Jaaga Media Center helps local people use (consume and produce) digital media to become better informed and more effective in supporting themselves and affecting positive change in the world.
Online Media includes Video, Audio, Blogs, Twitter, Social Media, online advocacy, web design and all other mediums for online communication.
- develop and initiate the media based education program at Jaaga
- develop useful and interesting media content
- educate people on media production and distribution
- promote the use of media in social service
- support the community media movement in India
- help students create rich online
- workshops
- online channels
- media lab
- targeted at students conversant in english and familiar with computers & the internet.
- students work in small teams on tasks given by their advisors
- regular meetups at Jaaga where students share what they have found, show their own work, and discuss.
- projects include creating their own videos, finding / analyzing videos from the web and doing projects for ngo clients
- all projects go towards developing the users online profile.
Online Channels:
Online media channels consist of originally produced content, and curated material found on the web. We select topics for these channels to tie in with the courses being taught in the education program. We promote these channels actively and measure success by the number of viewers we get for these videos and the amount of user engagement we generate. Additionally we maintain a video blog on activities and events surrounding jaaga adding one new video for it every other week.
Constantly screen videos at Jaaga. These include:
- originally produced work
- internet videos
- documentaries
- other material of interest for its educational or entertainment value.
Media Lab:
The media lab is an area in Jaaga which has gear which can be used by the community to create their videos. It includes:
- 5 terabyte file server with media uploaded by participants or downloaded from the web.
- 2 video editing stations (laptops)
- 2 low cost (canon FS200 style) cameras
- 2 mics & headsets
- our course catalog
- the media channels we are involved with
- profiles for our staff & students
- Director (full time), who can oversee and facilitate the development and operation of the Media Center
- Workshop instructors / facilitators (part time)
- Mentors (part time) who can work with students in different areas (video, web design, dj/vjing, english writing, ...)
- Instructional Designer (part time)


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