Tuesday, August 30, 2005

blessed are they that blog

for their thoughts are the lords


tao just started a blog and reminded me
i hadn't posted in awhile.

its been almost all up since my last post

i moved to pune
im spending alot of time in the osho(.com) "meditation resort".
he's a controversial character, and people outside often feel
the place is too money oriented. from my experience tho the
lush and beautiful grounds and 7 free meditation sessions every
day justify the 330 rps cost of admission.

they have super healthy food too.
so for the first time since living on the beach in kauai
i feel i have a very healthy lifestyle.

there's some magic stuff that happens as i find myself in a situation
im willing to hang out in for awhile. minor parts of my routine have
the time to carve out some depth in my personality. i can take the time
to see who people are without having to make quick decisions. and i can
take the time to figure out where im going and how im going to get there.

good stuff.

6:30 - evening meeting starts in 10 minutes :)

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