Sunday, August 12, 2007

BarCamp evolves

I am excited about how BarCamp is evolving. Barcamp Bangalore 4 last month was largest barcamp ever - anywhere - at over 600 registered participants.

Some thoughts on how barcamp may improve over time :

- session tagging
From looking at the wiki and the paper wiki we post at the event I would love to get alittle more metadata about the session beyond the session title. Some tags could be Tutorial, General Discussion, Demo, Panel ... This need not be mandatory, its just an extra hint to attendees and participants.

- use the wiki more
get a paragraph of bio data and session description from the presenters.
select rooms and times on the wiki itself, leaving some rooms open for sessions which are more adhoc and can be scheduled on site in real time.

- give a printed handout at registration with the schedule of sessions, more detailed presenter bio and session info - and a map.

- The annual.
I love the quarterly consistency. Maybe choose one camp of the year when the weather is the best February ? to be THE annual barcamp. Somehow make this special and promote it more.

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shirishag75 said...

Hi Freeman,
I just made a small comment about the upcoming skillscamp3 at the cslug mailing list. Have a look at it

Good luck with organizing, See you there soon.