Sunday, August 26, 2007

Democracy Now

Sometime back I subscribed to the Democracy Now newsletter. At this point I feel it is the best source regular news and commentary surrounding global events that I have come across.

Two recent articles in particular made me appreciate the intelligence and insight of their guests.

Nir Rosen gave a better / more believable description of the Iraqi state than I have seen.

what you’ll see is basically Mogadishu in Iraq: various warlords controlling small neighborhoods. And those who are by major resources, such as oil installations, obviously will be foreign-sponsored warlords who will be able to cut deals with us, the Chinese. But Iraq is destroyed
full article here

Today Scott Horton talked about Karl Rove's involvement with using the Justice Department to prosecute Democratic officials

Karl had spoken to the Department of Justice, and they didn't have to worry about Don Siegelman anymore. He was going to be taken care of.

full article here

I highly recommend subscribing to Democracy Now !

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