Wednesday, April 20, 2005


so, i've been pushing this notion of creation
alot for awhile. trying to figure out what it
is that makes it happen. i've been on this kick
of 'holding space' maintaining intention. it
hasn't necessarily produced the kinds of results
i was anticipating, but 'holding space' and
'maintaining intention' are super powers that
operate in dimensions tangential to the reality
we're accustomed too.

i wrote the dvd magazine idea down again for the
wiki - . i've been going over
alot of these ideas for over 2 years now. the
flavor changes slightly, and there are new things
specific to this chapter in india, but one aspect
is disturbingly familiar. its this sensation of
having a bunch of things that i'd like to see people
doing, but my first inclination isn't to do them

ie. i've been holding space for the creation of video
for 2 years now, but this video editing class im
taking now is my first minimal excersize in actually
producing video.

several of the things i'd like to see happen
the online video chat interviews, the global blogger
contact game, ... there's no reason i can't do these
things myself, and at some level i sense that the only
way im going to play a role in this movement, is if i
get personally involved.

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