Friday, April 15, 2005

open course ware

open course ware project at MIT

I would really like to back the open course ware initiative. I can imagine a whole industry springing up around open course ware - essentially providing tutoring around open courses as a BPO style service - Teaching Assistants would use all the conferencing materials available to them to interact with the students. ie. IM , Skype, video conferencing. They would answer questions, follow up on assignments, review homework. The next step is creating open course ware competence certifications.

I'd like to build a large part of this institute ontop of this concept. Alot of video production work can be done producing video and other types of open courseware materials.

Basically, its the opensource model applied to learning. Provide the source material for free, make money off the service.

Potentially, we can use this as a guide for alot of open source development. Going thru the course work for different vertical industries, we can pull out what the core business logic components are and build xml taxonomies code to represent and modify them.

open source

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