Sunday, April 17, 2005

the video hotel

im starting to look for a larger space here in mumbai.
specificially in the region between bandra and anderi
which seems to be where most of the filmmakers live.
the closer to bandra the more they're 'making it'.

maybe i run the risk of being a one trick pony, but
im happy to know any tricks at all :)

assuming this comes together, it will be community media
space #3 for me. when i explain this to people here they ask me
what came out of the other two spaces. I happy to point to
lafco as a way cool production
/ post house made up of characters from those two spaces.

the excersize for me now is to reflect on those experiences
see what worked and what didn't and plan how this year will
go down.

in the past couple of years i've left the space extremely
unstructured. the first year leaving it almost completely
open as an 'anarchic collective' . the second year i
excersized more control holding 'work space intention' and
asking people to leave when i didn't feel they were inline
with the media / tech office space i was trying to manifest.
about half way thru the year it became clear that i'd pruned
the community down to the root, and if i didn't back off,
i'd preside over a year of emptiness which i considered
considerably worse than the chaotic life force i invited in
to fill that void.

but this is something new.
everything is about a factor of 4 cheaper.
which means there are elements im willing to introduce into
the system which i couldn't before. like a program coordinator.
but program coordination requires a program which necessitates
that i get clear on what i want. which is the most difficult
questions to answer that i grapple with.

fortunately, one sign im on the right path, is the question
gets fun again. i notice sometimes i travel down some mental
direction that seems right at some intellectual level, and
there's something in my spirit which loses interest. and i
wrestle alittle bit with whether im being lazy.

maybe i am, but sometimes, i hit on things right, and now im
excited about the prospects of puting together a program for
the space. its a framework to give life to some of the projects
ive been wanting to persue.

this stream of conciousness continues on my wiki

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