Saturday, April 16, 2005


experpted from a mail to Soumyadeep ...

so thats it man
its that sensation of jiving
of riding the same wave
screaming and high fiving the whole way

i've noticed that on the wave
there's alot of tolerance for diversity
and superficial concepts of cool, get
lost quickly, people on the wave become
family - and there's alot of tolerance
in the family for the nerdy.

but its a funny thing
cause its a big ocean
and there's alot of people sitting on boards
and it takes awhile to know, who's standing

i often dont know myself
but there are things that im learning
like patience and waiting

its a big thing
spending money with awareness
there are enough cool people with reasonable
amounts of cash that are frustrated at having
to play regular games where they're getting
played like all the other people and don't get
much dividend for knowing the geek industry or
being able to see whats real.

i think our tribe gaining control of our capital
and learning how to use it effectively is going
to play a huge role in the revolution. when we
can reliably do just a point or two better than
wells fargo we will have a limitless
supply of $ to apply to whatever change we want
to make. we simply have to know that what ever
change we're making is sustainable. but man, we
got all the tools, so we should be able to figure
this out.

or at least approach the problem

architecting the revolution is alittle too big
to be tractable. its a swell, you can feel it,
from a long way off you can see it, but you can't
exactly ride it.

but still, if you know its there
you can paddle to it, cause most of the people
you meet there - saw the same thing - and came
on faith as well.

and there are aspects to it
like we know we have to learn how to deal with money
its stupid that we put all our money in banks where
they send it away to buy bombs or government debt or
a variety of other projects we would find morally
reprehensible and fiscally non-sensical if we had
any real awareness of what the $ are actually doing.

we also know that we need to take control of the
media we're consuming. we have the means of production
and consumption now, we simply have to open our eyes
to what really needs communicating , and we need to
get that flow going. this is the mechanism by which
'we' become self aware.

taking responsibility for our own education is
another fundamental aspect of regaining control
of our future. we can look at what is necessary
for interacting in the world and we can produce
'open course ware' to make this transmission easy.
its done with media and tech and it uses media
and tech to propogate itself.

we know we need to communicate
to eat, to shit, to breathe, to sleep
to make love,
to party

and again
its not charity
there's a million businesses that need to get
set up, distance learning, wireless internet,
real estate investment trusts,

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